Who We Are

After a long endeavor from learning and researching to tasting and experimenting about the world of coffee, we came to a determination to bring the best quality and the most exquisite taste to your coffee world.

The Perfect Latte is your new game changer for your coffee habit. We are conveniently located off the Grand Parkway South, Suite 130, Richmond, Texas 77407.

The local family-oriented coffee shop offers flavorful, organic espresso drinks made from Organic Fair Trade berries that originate from worldwide fields. Additionally, there are blends of healthy protein smoothies, fresh squeezed juices, delicious sandwiches and freshly prepared salads. A full line of chai drinks and several hot and cold teas are also on the menu. Authentic baked French goodies are also served daily.

Along with our line of espresso beverages, healthy children’s drinks are also available.

Our friendly baristas cater to your entire family at The Perfect Latte.

The Perfect Latte

We understand that coffee is not just a drink out of habit. A coffee drink is an art that must be carefully crafted. At The Perfect Latte, your taste buds will change because we are committed to introduce a new way for everyone to enjoy their favorite coffee drink.

We are committed to challenge your taste buds with uncompromised quality ingredients and the most delicious recipes to bring you incomparable espresso drinks.

Why Us

Our coffee is guaranteed to be the freshest. Our syrup is proven to be the most delicious. Our quality is promised to be unbeatable. Our recipe is assured to be the most exciting. Our service is vowed to be the friendliest. We serve the best espresso drinks with the most environmentally conscious mentality from using Organic Fair Trade Coffee to our environmental friendly cups.

“We aim to make our shop the gourmet coffee shop of your choice. We guarantee that you will always come back for more.”

— The Perfect Latte Baristas & Team

All About Coffee

There are different types of Arabica coffee beans called cultivars, all of which are known for their different flavors and attributes. Although some cultivars thrive better under some geographical conditions than others, they do not refer to the region in which the particular coffee is grown. Instead, they are a result of botanical variety when different species or sub species are interbred.

Next to Arabica coffee, Robusta coffee is the second most popular variety of coffee beans. Also known as Coffea Canephora, this variety is believed to have originated in Sub-Saharan Africa. Robusta coffee accounts for about 15% of the world's coffee consumption and is known for its robust flavor. Nonetheless, it is still considered inferior to Arabica coffee by cupping aficionados.

Learn More About Our Coffee

What Make A Perfect Espresso Drink?

Many people are under the misconception that all coffee tastes the same; this is not true. With the proper brewing techniques, you can uncover the true flavors of your gourmet coffee. Savor your coffee rather than rely on it for a caffeine boost.

Find out what makes our Espresso drinks Perfect.

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